Hello, Hello, Hello!

I hope you’re having a fun July so far. So, to dig in I got a couple of portraits of my niece Christiana! She is always a good time to capture! Check out the shots.


So, I’ve been listening to so much of disco music lately, reading up on studio 54, and reading up on one of the photographers of studio 54 Rosie Hartman…that I had to do a disco look. I paired a red tie-up jumpsuit with the eye-catching gold backdrop; since I’d already used the silver backdrop in May I wanted to use the gold in June.

I set up and got the backdrop ready yesterday and got a couple of shots.

All pictures are by: Michael King.

bring the disco


Hey Y’all! I’m coming with a new look! So with this one, I sat and thought and wanted to incorporate bubbles with sparkles and here we have it! Sequin backdrop and bubbles galore. This checkered dress was also thrifted! A good find let me tell you, I added the red beret for a pop of color. Photography is by St’fen!

Check it out!


In light of everything that’s going on with the restrictive and deadly women’s reproductive laws that are being passed around the nation, I wanted to share this poem because it’s a perfect response.  This is MY BODY, my choice, I choose for it.


This is my body

By: Elaine B

This is my body and only I know how it feels.

This is my joy,

a place where my soul, my imagination lives.

Don’t try to dismiss it with what you say.

Disrespect it in any way.

Tell me how it must be presented on any given day.

This is my body, only I know what is real about it what it is trying to convey.

Don’t try to trash it, be so damn rash about it, make your choices for it;

when only my voice has the right to speak for it on any given day.

Make discussions for it;

choose for it,

change it, or rearrange it in any way.

Only my mind hears just what it is saying.

This is my body,

a custom fit for me,

and until the day that I am free from it,

it listens to what I have to say.

This is my body and not yours in any way!


Spoken word: