I got white dress in this vintage long maxi. I love this dress because it reminds me of an old Hollywood movie or a simple wedding gown. Basically, I wanted to convey emotion in these pictures. I wanted you to feel it, I wanted to do something different as a style blogger, as well as showcase the dress.




IMG_8012-5 (2)

white dress




You can find many vintage treasures at thrift shops but this dress uses to be my mom’s. 🙂



*I recently was able to acquire a Deep blue backdrop for some of my pictures, I am so in love with this deep blue color so be prepared to see it a lot more often!

Now, about the outfit I am wearing a body con maxi dress from UrbanOG.com. This military green dress with the deep blue backdrop is everything! (Just wanted to put that out there haha). This dress features snap up buttons down the middle that go all the way from top to the bottom of the dress. The material is very stretchy and comfortable.



There are other colors available, I think UrbanOG offers a black one if I am remembering correctly.

I promise to include more accessories with some of my next looks, I haven’t really been wearing any myself lately because I honestly keep forgetting to put in on. I always remember after the fact which is no good.deepblue

deep blue

deep bluedeep blue

deep blue

deep blue

To mix a bold black with a bold white is a dream!

Now that I think about it, I don’t really wear solid black and whites together that often, I will now do it often!

Thanks to in style magazine I was inspired to try my hand with this look!

The union of total opposites creates a beautiful combination & the pop of red or plum lipstick is perfect for the fall and winter!

I paired a boxy sweater with a maxi skirt from Urbanog

The mini skirt is from none other than Forever 21! 🙂 Two different ways to style the boxy sweater!

Ying and yang


Ying and Yang

Ying and YangYing and Yang



New look!!

Little Black Dress from lulusdotcom

I love how this dress can be worn to the office or out on the city it has a purpose for just about anywhere you go. This dress has an high amount of classiness attached to it!