Song chronicles: You and Me

This is an original song with bare chords that I played around with today. It’s a dance song but here’s a different stripped version.
& here are a piece of the lyrics I’m singing/wrote/finally got ©.

-Let’s stay and play the game
Let’s stay and play the game –

You and me tonight
This is our love
These are our lives
You and me tonight
Keep the flame bright
Keep the hold tight 🎼


If you ever want to collaborate with lyrics/co-write just email me or message me on instagram.

Black and White

Hey! Hope you’re doing well.

It’s May and I’m feeling gowny? is that a word? haha, So I put together an ensemble that reflected that.


black and white



Moonlight Sonata

Hey you! How are you? I hope well 🙂

Today I present you with a sonata, a moonlight sonata. This is the first I’ve learned since trying to learn the piano/keyboard. I’ve always been interested in the piano, I don’t know it’s just something romantic about it so I started learning. I’ve been spending at least a good bit each day twinkling and getting the feel of this keyboard since I got it about 2 weeks ago.  I like the sound of Yamaha as well, It’s an 88 weighted key creative machine.

I write poetry and lyrics so it’ll be cool to arrange and finally get to put a melody to some of the words. When I think about it, I get excited as to the possibilities of this machine.

So far I’ve just been trying to learn reading the note placement on sheet music,  getting acquainted with the abundance of chords, and learning the jazz/blue way to play.


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Miss Celie’s Blues Cover

Hiii the mood just struck me to sing miss Celie’s blues so I did.

Check out the full cover on my youtube, it was recorded on my phone 🙂