Hey y’all!

It’s may and festival season Shaky Knees was having this late night show so I decided to go and of course take some shots of the bands because I enjoy live music photography. Up first was Hero the band, this is an all brothers band who are from Decatur, Georgia. I had never seen them live before but I was thoroughly enjoyed their set! Their performance was full of energy and outstanding.

So I took a few pictures of Carlos Ferrer who’s a very talented guitarist. Check them out and check him out on instagram @carlosamtg.

(The ones of us together were taken by St’fen)






Hey hey, we made it through the winter and now spring is here even if the temperatures haven’t exactly caught up they will soon!

With this style post, I decided to pair my checkered ankle Nasty gal pants with a sequined blazer. I will always love sequin and how it sparkles, it is a favorite of mine.

I hope that whoever reads this has an exciting spring, here’s to new beginnings.





By: Elaine B


Sometimes I get angry when I think about how I have been unkind to others

And how others have unkind to me

Sometimes I get angry because when I had the chance to tell you all that you meant I never let you know

Sometimes I get angry when I read about our history


Sometimes I get angry when I know that the air that we breathe is polluted

Sometimes I get angry when I see so much death, war, and misery


Sometimes I get angry that we have to eat unhealthy foods

Sometimes I get angry that we have to drink from a dirty water source


I get angry that some people don’t appreciate each other

And the trees

the flowers, rain, snow, the sunshine, the moon, the stars, the air that we breathe, and all of the living things

in this world that we have been given


And sometimes I get angry at being so angry, I wish that I could take this anger and turn it into peace

Because I get angry that my anger sometimes consumes me




More poetry at https://deyburnley.com/poetry/