Ms. Melanin’s Song


By: Elaine Elaine

I love the way her melanin looks on me
I don’t get broken
Between anger
Feel self-hatred inside
When I hear someone say pretty chocolate girl
I have heard some melanin beauties express
That it is not becoming it is not in their best interest
That they don’t want to be referred to in that way
To be put in that black box with the mother of all
But it sure sounds good to me
That she is the reason
She’s a part of how I came to be
To feel the honor; that ancient pride
This I will never hide
Because she is in my every heartbeat
Her beauty
Her ways still live here today
And when you look into my eyes it is a discovery
Plainly all can see
That we came from a melanin woman
Who birthed life into this world
So I say to you,
You can no longer hide
Pretend not to see
That I am her
And that the first woman is in me
And that she is our life line
Our history

-This poem is copy written. You may share but, you may not, except with my express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content.-

70s boho

tumblr_ntlkibD84v1rkb4koo4_400 tumblr_ntlkibD84v1rkb4koo3_540 tumblr_ntlkvp9C7c1rkb4koo1_540 (1) tumblr_ntlkvp9C7c1rkb4koo3_540

One thing I love about the times that we are living in is the fact that
we incorporate fashions from past eras and wear them today with our own
little spin. Maybe I’m feeling 60′s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, I can display
whatever era I’m feelin and still make the look it stylish for the
current times. On this day I was listening to 70′s music getting in the
grove and I decided to be 70′s for that day. Very boho and chic look.



I have known madness in a room
standing there beside me with anger
and gloom

I have seen madness hanging on the wall
in side of frames big and small

I have heard madness whispered thoughts;
Deep in the late night sadness  

I have known madness

Author: Elaine B.

Wine dress

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New look!

I am working the Work of Heart Midi Dress from lulusdotcom