How It Seems by Elaine


It don’t matter how many cures for diseases that we discover

How many cheeks that we may turn

How much cotton that we have picked

How many transgressions that we have forgiven

How many black and proud fists that we have raised

How many scholars that we graduate

How many marches that we march

How many wars that we have fought

How many times that we are beaten down

How many prison cells that we are caged within

How many times we fall to our knees and we pray

How many tears that we cry

How many deaths that we die

How much blood that we bleed

From how many tall trees that black bodies sway

In how much blind faith that we still believe

In this lifetime how it seems

That we the dark people

Our eyes….

Will not see

Real freedom

Real democracy



And peace

This poem. Wow. Powerful