With the Air

– To dance with the green and flying magical thigs
is a universal flow
and when I dance
like air, I’ll rise. –

Back with a Fluffy flowy mini, which are some of my favorite types of dresses. Some sunny days call for fairy dresses. I found this one on amazon of all places. Trying to order only when I see something I really want, as I care about the CF.

Pictures taken by; M King

June in Pink

Hey you! I hope that you’re having a good June so far. With 2021 being a time to re-build or to sit and gather your thoughts beyond the noise of everything, this breath of June is appreciated. With the bloom of flowers and colorful plants in nature, it’s time for color.

With this look, I decided to style a nastygal hot pink (almost red) sheer maxi with one pair of my favorite lightweight Flower boots I got a while back from public desire.

Photos taken by Mic king





Through the Centuries

Hey you! So I wanted to venture into the late 18th-century style after being inspired by the wardrobe in Belle the movie and Bridgerton. The dress is pretty big itself but I added multiple pieces. A petticoat, panniers, and a corset which was very tight( hard to exhale fully lol) 😅. I then added a dash of powder and a touch of rose color on my lips. For my hair, I curled my natural and pinned it with these flower pins. I have to say that this was a fun look and this experience makes me want to do more 18th and 19th-century pieces.

Also, the back of the dress was in robe à la française type style but I pinned it for a different fit.

All Photos by: Michael King.


The Breeze is Alright

Hey, hello you! March has begun and I wanted to incorporate some colors into my view. I paired deep red high waist flare pants, with a simple crop, and a cropped blazer. Since I was inside taking these, I was not wearing shoes, but I’d (probably) pair some ankle boots with, and/or small heels. The Fabric was a fun addition and 10/10 would do it again. 🙂