Happy 2019 everyone!! May it be a good year for you.

To start off the year I wanted to put together a retro 60s period look and I remembered that I had found this cool retro dress at a shop in little five points! So I paired the boxy dress with a trench blazer, black pumps, a pillbox hat, and a small black purse.


  • All photos are by St’fen Anderson


So I’ve been writing….I started writing this song when I heard Christiana strumming her guitar. She came up with the riff of the song…Not Bad for a 12 yr old! We got around to recording it, And now we have a song!

Check it out on on the link below!


Happy August! If you’re reading this then I hope that you are doing well. This bon appetit fabric is pretty cool so I incorporated it with the basics! I paired jeans, a thin mesh knit top, and a tie-up crop top. The mesh cover-up is good for those inside times when it’s cool from the ac inside but hot out, put it on and take it off as you please, it’s a plus to have that option. Also, say hey to Button! She’s such a crazy cutie that is just a growin and growin. <3

Christiana performed her first public show at a nice spot called Kirby G’s and I caught some shots.  She did a really good job and played the whole Shawn Mendes song through and through!

The spot has some delicious dishes with a good variety of choice. I really enjoyed their brownie sundae/ fries and was digging the retro atmosphere and interior.