Happy August! If you’re reading this then I hope that you are doing well. This bon appetit fabric is pretty cool so I incorporated it with the basics! I paired jeans, a thin mesh knit top, and a tie-up crop top. The mesh cover-up is good for those inside times when it’s cool from the ac inside but hot out, put it on and take it off as you please, it’s a plus to have that option. Also, say hey to Button! She’s such a crazy cutie that is just a growin and growin. <3

Christiana performed her first public show at a nice spot called Kirby G’s and I caught some shots.  She did a really good job and played the whole Shawn Mendes song through and through!

The spot has some delicious dishes with a good variety of choice. I really enjoyed their brownie sundae/ fries and was digging the retro atmosphere and interior.


Summer is so abundant and full of life which is one of the reasons I love it. It’s also hottt so it’s important to stay cool. So to stay cool on this hot summers day I paired and off the shoulder striped top with a pair of black chiffon shorts.



Hey Yall! I’ve always looked at the whole summer of love era as interesting, It’s was a musical time of change that will always influence me… so many good tunes came from this era. This song somebody to Love By Jefferson Airplane is one of my favorites from that era and I decided to cover it!