Hey Yall! I’ve always looked at the whole summer of love era as interesting, It’s was a musical time of change that will always influence me… so many good tunes came from this era. This song somebody to Love By Jefferson Airplane is one of my favorites from that era and I decided to cover it!


Hey! So I decided to sing a cover of one of my favorite classics, Anyone Who Had A Heart by Dionne Warrick. I really like this song because of the feels it gives, the jazzy intertwine, and the beautiful words. If I haven’t mentioned before I also like to sing and like to write lyrics! Check out the full song cover on Youtube link below 🙂




Hey yall! Hope you’re having a good week. Mine is good so far! With spring springing I decided to throw on my 2 piece Nasty Gal blue pants and top. I like this set because of the vibrancy and crispness of the material. It’s a comfortable set and the inside material is soft which is great because a soft feel is always a plus you know. The backdrop I’m using is a paint splash me and Christiana created on live, I just put it on my stand and got to posing—

Thank you for checking out my set!

[fvplayer src="https://deyburnley.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/trim_7C4F8ED8-B712-474C-88D2-FF8EA51BACA3.mov" width="720" height="406"]

So I took a few pictures of Real Friends IV, I had a good time, the venue was chill, and the music was really vibing! I caught some shots Baby Rose and her band, also Meggy Amillz And Patrick Anthony! Check em out!