One piece swimsuit from Forever 21!

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IMG_9467-3“I love the flower girl, I knew she could make me happy. “<3

This look features a lace flower dress from @Tobi. I love it because it fives me retro 60’s feels, and you all know I LOVE retro clothing. I wanted to style this simply so I didn’t pair much jewelry with this lace flower show stopper. Hehe 🙂

The shades are from Quay
Australia. I love the flower girl IMG_9463-4IMG_9530


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blue jean queen

I wanted to pair something simple yet hot, and be a blue jean queen! So I paired a cream cami with high waist true blue jeans and added a gold statement necklace. The cami is something you could find any where :), the blue high waist jeans are from Fashion Nova. Now when I say these jeans fit like a glove, believe me! They hit every curve at just the right place and accentuate that body! I also got my jumpsuits from them and I’m loving that brand so far!

With this look I tried an up-doo and also a down-doo to show you how it would look with hair styled two different ways!

blue jean queen blue jean queen IMG_9289



Thank you for checking out my looks 🙂

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I love this baroque top. I actually picked it up one day thrifting. Its so colorful and beings all of the fancy that you need.

I paired the top with solid black high-waist jeans and gold flats. Any gold or blue shoes would work with a shirt like this. The shirt is very colorful and the statement piece in this outfit so you don’t really need many other colors conflicting with it that’s why every other clothing piece should be a solid color.

If I needed a jacket It would be a black bomber or either a black long coat.

Baroque LOVE.




Baroque top

Baroque top