Collection of copy written poems/lyrics.



This is my body

By: Elaine B

This is my body and only I know how it feels.

This is my joy,

a place where my soul, my imagination lives.

Don’t try to dismiss it with what you say.

Disrespect it in any way.

Tell me how it must be presented on any given day.

This is my body, only I know what is real about it what it is trying to convey.

Don’t try to trash it, be so damn rash about it, make your choices for it;

when only my voice has the right to speak for it on any given day.

Make discussions for it;

choose for it,

change it, or rearrange it in any way.

Only my mind hears just what it is saying.

This is my body a custom fit for me,

and until the day that I am free from it,

it listens to what I have to say.

This is my body and not yours in any way!



By: Dey Burnley

Where is your sanctuary?

Mine is over there beyond those trees.

Deep into the forest.

Can you sense it?

Do you see it?

It’s a place full of blooming zest,

soft warmth-

with a cool calming wind.

My sanctuary has stars that stretch

as far as the eye can take in

and beyond that.

Sparkling and reflecting,

clear and dashing,

more beautiful than anything in my waking dream.

Stardust particles

fill the ground as I walk through,

alight with vibrancy, growing bright.

Absorbing greatness when I set by.

Refilling me,

the meshes of colors give me life.

This sanctuary is behind my blue.

It’s access can be found

even through thoughts.


the velvet feel of this place

is always certain.


Some of Her

Poem by: Elaine b.

I have some of her worries;

some of her tears in the night time.

Some of her blues and I find me doing some of the things that I have seen her do.

And it seems like yesterday she was saying to me,

not to make the same mistakes that she did.

But sometimes when I look into my eyes, I can see the same tears that she cried.

And I have some of her beauty,

some of her pride.

Some of her joy,

some of her smiles.

Some of what she was inside.


By: Elaine B

Sometimes I get angry when I think about how I have been unkind to others,

and how others have unkind to me.

Sometimes I get angry because when I had the chance to tell you all that you meant,  I never let you know.

Sometimes I get angry when I read about our history.

Sometimes I get angry when I know that the air that we breathe is polluted.

Sometimes I get angry when I see so much death, war, and misery.

Sometimes I get angry that we have to eat unhealthy foods.

Sometimes I get angry that we have to drink from a dirty water source.

I get angry that some people don’t appreciate each other,

and the trees,

the flowers, rain, snow, the sunshine, the moon, the stars, the air that we breathe, and all of the living things

in this world that we have been given.

And sometimes I get angry at being so angry, I wish that I could take this anger and turn it into peace.

Because I get angry that my anger sometimes consumes me.


The Universe 

By: Dey Burnley

The universe is here as it will continue to be.

The universe is out there,

it’s in you, it’s in me.

The universe will survive through time


withstand the changes that come.

For the universe withholds the answers that we do not know.


feel the universe all around.

Let the stars pick you up when you are down.


Night winds carry me

By: Dey Burnley


Feet in the grass.

Dark sky above the trees.

Surrounded by the night,

cool air kisses me.

Wind chimes in the distance,

I close my eyes and get lost in nature’s melodic sounds.

Feeling no resistance,

my laden thoughts fly away with the breeze.

And before I realize it I am at peace.


Vanity Mirror 

By: Elaine Burnley


What do I see when I look into the vanity mirror?

I see beauty of many kinds.

See her eyes,

I see my smile.

So many women with different body shapes,

I see no mistakes; never do I see a type that defines yours or mine.

I see our beauty from the darkest hue to the tawniest bright,

And I see that Mother Nature got it right.

Then why the comparison?

What does the competition really mean?

Their definitions of us will never determine our limit.

Our self-worth,

Will never leave anyone behind.

Because we are all fab with our thoughts

Our own mind,

Desires, joy, hopes, and dreams.

And just what is in an image? A face?

When we all have various styles;

A place of beauty in this time and space.

Then shouldn’t this mean that only we will make the statement of who we are and what we will be?

Not what is photographed in a magazine,

Portrayed on a movie screen,

Saying what we could or could not be.

What do I see when I look into the vanity mirror?

Sisters, I see a reflection reflecting so many great possibilities.

And yes, in there I see plenty of room for you and me.


Melancholy Over You 
by: Latona A King
Can’t believe it’s true,
Gone away, nothing I can do.
Missing you is a sweet dejavu.
Blue over lusting over you.
Melancholy over you.
I’m sitting  here thinking about the day’s past,
how you up and just said goodbye.
Pain flowing from my eyes
in a downhearted groove;
can’t stop lusting for you
Melancholy over you.
It’s easy to see through a smile
It’s easy to hear the cackle in my half joy laugh.
Easy to tell by the passionless step in my dance.
Easy to feel the gloom in my midnight ballad.
Melancholy over you.
There is a wanting for you
in everything I do.
Yearning for you is like
a sweet craving I can’t turn loose.
Nothing new,
Simply too,
Melancholy over you.

All But One 

By: Latona A King

All but one came this way;

They come from the east and the west

From river to river

Seas to sea

From every desert and the coldest of both poles

They all came from every part of

This great world

All but the one

I’ve been searching for.


Earth Pain

By: Dey Burnley

What’s new world?

What’s really going on?

What’s there to know?

What are the joys and lows?

Tell me blow by blow.

When is the love coming back around?

Where are the bees?

So many buildings..

Where are the trees?

Why are all these shifty men in power?

Where is the equality?

Why is some rain not rain but a poisonous shower?

Where are the swift swimming fish?

Why are all of the majestic animals disappearing,

like a fleeting wish?

Is this the earth?

It’s becoming but a shell

I can barely breathe fresh air

and people don’t look so well.

Nature is talking.

Nature is shouting.

Nature is crying out.

But we turn our heads,

Plug our ears,

And remain in doubt.

Life is changing before our very eyes,

an air of confusion.

If these ways are not shifted,

life itself will be non- existent.

All but a lost illusion.


When She Spoke

By: Elaine B

When she spoke,

we could understand the reality of her words.


I came to listen to her transforming thoughts;

the message was heard.


She told of a journey; the sisters and women we will become.

And admiration is what I have for her.


Abundance is her spirit.

Her pride is not hidden.

For certain, all can feel it, hear it,

and when she speaks a new birth, a new awareness is born.


What does a smile really mean?

By: Dey Burnley


What does a smile really mean?

Does it mean I’m happy?

Does it mean I’m content?

Or could I be in between?

What does a smile really mean?

Am I smiling on the outside

But desolate inside?

Does the smile conceal all forgotten things?

Tell me what does a smile really mean?

How do you know what a smile truly brings?

Or what a smile truly hides?


The world seems to love that outward portrayal of true happiness

Who cares if it’s real or just a façade?


Sapphire Night

By: Latona Ampy King

Cool moon,

I hope I see you soon,


Come around my way,

never do you stay.


Won’t you shine your light

in my sapphire night?

Heaven to my eyes,


Unique and divine.

Won’t you cone shine you light

in my sapphire night?


Flow of life 

By: Dey Burnley

The flow of life is magnified when you open your eyes outside.

Birds are chirping, hopping, searching for food.

The wind is blowing,

leaves turning, cool air in magnitudes.

The ants are marching,

stopping to meet, then back on to the colony soon.

Beauty everywhere, flowing with every minute.

It’s so easy to be lost in the magic of it.


Black Coffee

By: Elaine Burnley

I like coffee in the morning.

This is when I need to feel your arms around me,

wrapped tightly.

To hear you speak softly

and listening back at me;

to be caressed in the morning light.

A simple back rub,

then breakfast in bed.

Toast light,

eggs over easy,

cooked just right.

Now don’t get me wrong,

I loved your sweetness at night.

It’s just something about having my

black coffee in the early morning light.



By: Elaine Burnley

He had a thousand faces,

Showed to me only three,

The other nine hundred and ninety-seven faces, he wouldn’t let me see.

And with few words,

I could never see all that he would say,

When his eyes were always looking the other way;

As he played the saint while trying to imprison me,

Within his enigmatic fate.



Wild Wind

By: Latona Ampy King

Wild wind greeted me with a kiss;

wrapped its arms around me;

pressed against my skin.

As it tiptoed up my neck

softly it whispered,

“I love you”

yet quickly it faded away.


Love Song

By: Latona A King

I got no more love song to sing.

Just a lifeless hum,

That consumes me.

My heart no longer beats

when you are near.

There is no love in this love affair we share.

I have no more sweet symphonies, harmonies, melodies

to sing to you that will make things the way they used to be.

I have no more love songs to sing.


To dream

By: Dey Burnley


To dream

I must

close my eyes

for a moment;

release some

of my hindering thoughts,

and let imagination burst through my worldly seams.



By: Dey Burnley 

When I turn off the light

I am alone,

without any judgment.

When I close my eyes,

I am in another world

away from the normalcy,

away from the bustling,


Too often I feel it’s not always good

to get lost in the dreamy islands of one’s head.

But when I am there I don’t feel misled.

Then I come back,

and I am here again

in this structured time and space.

Trying to plan and figure and do and go,

because there is no off allowed when you want to live you know?


Even Heroes Fall Short

By: Elaine Burnley


Never meet your heroes.

They fall short.

Never love all the good that you think you see in me.

Don’t give all of your thoughts all of the trust,

don’t need me to be what you feel you need to see.

Heroes ride white horses,

I have no horse,

have no castle, I have no gold.

Sometimes I fall short.

Don’t go searching for your knight in shining armor.

My shine will dull you’ll see my scratches.

You’ll feel the pain sometimes you’ll see me get wet in the rain.

Heroes ride white horses,

I have no horse,

have no castle, I have no gold.

Sometimes even heroes fall short.


Galaxies Collide 💫🌌
By : Dey Burnley

‪Some say love is like an effervescent dream,‬
‪some say it’s all-encompassing.‬
Some say it’s a feeling that can’t be fully described.

I think of the rise of love-
as strings reaching parts of the depths;
pieces of destruction-that bring forth beauty.
Like two galaxies magnetically moving towards one another,
freewheeling, spiraling…
closer and closer.
Streams of light
swirling, mingling-
gravity is pulling,

galaxies collide.


By: Dey Burnley

What is time really?

Does it exist because we say?

Or because of true science.

I feel small when I try to imagine time defiance.

What if time doesn’t exist in the way we think?

A grander scheme.

Time warps, free flow,

It all may interlink.



Joint poem If Your Man/ If Your Woman


If I came to you with more
than strong hands
more than I’m a man
Came with all that I had
Kept nothing inside
Told to you my dreams
Let you see my reality

Would you still see me as I am?
Would you feel that I am not the one you thought you knew
In your pretty brown eyes…

Am I still that man
Who stands unbreakable beside you?

If I came to you
Let you come deep within my privacy
In front of you, I called out my fears
No more hiding me
One by one I let you hear my unsung tears

Would you turn away?
Would I still be your man?
In every way that I used to be

Because you understood
Embraced me
You unconditionally loved me too
Like my love
Without conditions has always loved you


If Your Woman
By: Elaine
If I came to you with more than just my makeup
Said listen baby I’m tired of putting on a face
I’m more than just my body shape
There is more to me than I have let you see
More than you thought you knew
More than my pretty brown eyes
My smile

Still it makes this love I have no less
For you

I’m coming to you naked
Keeping nothing inside
Letting you see that my heart is stronger than
My pride

I thought that to be a real woman
I had to keep my thoughts hidden inside
To always be strong
Never letting you hear my real song

Tired of these thoughts that keep defining
What I would say
What I would be
Now that I have spoken these words to you
Am I still your girl?
Now am I different from the one you thought you knew?

You’re strong arms
Do they still,
Embrace me?

You unconditionally loved me too
As without conditions, I will always love you


It’s Warm in January

By:Elaine B and Victor M

It’s warm inside in January, so let it snow.

We got a warm fire going sitting here on the floor.

Got hot chocolate in our cup.

Out there the wind has a chill sayin hello.

Jack Frost don’t bother us.

With you here inside.

Watchin the snow blowin against the window, only catches our eyes.

The coldness of the winter don’t freeze our fingers and toes.

We won’t be cold we got each other to kiss and hold. So warm in January and we got no place to go.

So happy just watchin each other glow.

Baby its cold outside.

We know how to hide inside, wrapped in each other’s arms.

It’s warm in January, so let it snow, we’ve got nowhere else to go.




By: Dey Burnley

I thought of you more times than not.

You took over my mind and heart.

I’ve let you misplace the key and lock

And I quite like their depart…





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