Real Friends IV

So I took a few pictures of Real Friends IV, I had a good time, the venue was chill, and the music was really vibing! I caught some shots Baby Rose and her band, also Meggy Amillz And Patrick Anthony! Check em out!


Blue Jean Queen

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blue jean queen

I wanted to pair something simple yet hot, and be a blue jean queen! So I paired a cream cami with high waist true blue jeans and added a gold statement necklace. The cami is something you could find any where :), the blue high waist jeans are from Fashion Nova. Now when I say these jeans fit like a glove, believe me! They hit every curve at just the right place and accentuate that body! I also got my jumpsuits from them and I’m loving that brand so far!

With this look I tried an up-doo and also a down-doo to show you how it would look with hair styled two different ways!

blue jean queen blue jean queen IMG_9289



Thank you for checking out my looks 🙂

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Q&A with Christiana and Dey!

My niece (Christiana and I) recorded a Q&A. Christiana is 10 yrs old and outtta control haha(in a good way!) she is a funny, amazing, talented girl! Watch our funny Q&A video! We even have a special guest at the end ;).

We are gonna post more videos too! If you have any suggestions let us know! Also Like,Subscribe, and comment 🙂 Thank you!

Inked Attire

Inked Attire is a hot Bristol, UK street style/lifestyle brand that infuses the visual dopeness of tattoos with fashion. Their pieces bring a cool new perspective on how style can be expressed and executed in various ways. Inked Attire creates all of their products in house with a talented design team! That right there speaks for itself, you are getting unique fresh material that not everyone has, coming straight from the minds of talented individuals. IA is helping to pave the way for creative greatness with this brand and I am happy to know about it!

Women and Mens clothing are available for the customer to choose from, they also sell hats and jewelry!

Anyone that is looking for something totally stylish, freeing, and clothing guaranteed to make your tattoos look even better, then you’d better check out Inked Attire for your style needs!

Check out their instagram: @inkedattire

Checkout their website: http://www.inked-attire.cominked2inked 4


inked attire inked5