Red Jumpsuit

Back with a jumpsuit, a red tapered jumpsuit in beautiful Nature. ♥️🌹🍒☀️Jumpsuits in general add a bit of fun and are found in various designs and cuts in various eras and avenues of fashion and style. For me there’s an enjoyment in stepping into different style eras and different classics, I like to have that choice. The past few months have been a ride…changes… so these avenues of expression add a bit of joy. ❤️


Red Jumpsuit

Shimmy Shimmy

Shimmy that thang girl!

So I wanted to do an updated look in this gold sequin dress from shoptobi. I feel so dramatic and queenly when I put this on. This dress is definitely a statement piece and it is oh so comfortable to wear, shimmy brings the bling (which i love by the way),  and the little slits on the sides just tops it off for me! This is one of my favorite statement dresses and I’m so glad I purchased it y’all.

The shoes are wrap around pumps from gojane.

Check out my golden pictures below!


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Summer One Piece Swimsuit Look

Hey u! here is a visual of my latest summer look. It is featuring the swimsuit from my previous swimsuit post! Check it out. Thank you! Also if you have a youtube please subscribe, I will subscribe back 🙂

I Love The Flower Girl (Video)

A short clip of “I love the flower girl” look 😉

Song- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons- Can’t Take My Eyes Off You


Also I just realized that I hadn’t put the “Blue jean queen” Look Video on here so here it is:)