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So I did two different outfits for this set. One with a lounge wear kind of feel, and one with a gown, groovy kind of feel.

The gown is a long, white, maxi gown which my mom gave me years ago. I kinda just found it in my closet recently.

I wanted to create some groovy light projections with this look and it was so fun to shoot! Kudos to my photographer St’fen Anderson.

Also, I now have amazon prime so I’ve been on amazon more frequently and let me tell you I’ve been missing out! There is some great finds on that website. I found this choker on amazon! I was amazed at how pretty it was when I received it! 🙂
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70s boho

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One thing I love about the times that we are living in is the fact that
we incorporate fashions from past eras and wear them today with our own
little spin. Maybe I’m feeling 60′s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, I can display
whatever era I’m feelin and still make the look it stylish for the
current times. On this day I was listening to 70′s music getting in the
grove and I decided to be 70′s for that day. Very boho and chic look.