Let’s Groove

Hey you!

Fall is here in Georgia and I’m loving the weather and the clothes that go along with it.

With this outfit I paired a backwards cabby hat with my overall jumpsuit and a red stretch turtleneck… A simple but nice fall fit. I love turtleneck pairings in the cold months but I usually just pair things together in hopes that it’ll mach my outfit vision. I think style should be what you feel on a given day and not so thought out, style is relative and you should be happy in what you decide to wear.

I hope you enjoy this post and wear whatever you feel good in!


P.S there is a video of me singing a song I wrote with this outfit. I hope you Enjoy that too 😉






I found this gourd and thought it looked really interesting so I decided to take pictures with it.

I thrifted the top 🙂 Spark File_000 (10) File_000 (11) File_001 (3)

American woman stay away from me

When I was doing this look, In my head I heard “American woman stay away from me” the whole time haha!

I wanted to style an edgy look this week so I added a guitar and shot the look outside and inside.

The faux fur jacket is actually from Forever 21! Who knew right?

The caged top and trousers are from GoJane! www.gojane.com

You can definitely recreate this look without breaking the bank <3



american woman

american woman

American woman

American woman

american woman




IMG_8409-2 IMG_8426





In Style Magazine

My look was featured in @instylemagazine !!! It’s the February issue! When I saw this I instantly had a big smile on my face. This is so cool wow…This is actually the first time I’ve ever been in a magazine of this sort! No matter how small I’m grateful haha It’s in stores now. Hopefully some day I’ll be on the cover! <3

Gives me inspiration to keep going! Cheers to 2016!

in style feb 2016

in styke feb 2016

in style feb 2016