Hiiii. Happy November to you!

Well, here we are in the fall/winter time in the northern hemisphere so time to layer. With this look I paired a black turtle neck with a plaid blazer that I thrifted and threw on a pair of my favorite jeans with my black boots. I threw in the pattern belt to add a little fun to the outfit.

I also wanted to do minimal so I only have on a little powder.

Check out the full look. 🙂

minimalminimal minimal

Hey hey, we made it through the winter and now spring is here even if the temperatures haven’t exactly caught up they will soon!

With this style post, I decided to pair my checkered ankle Nasty gal pants with a sequined blazer. I will always love sequin and how it sparkles, it is a favorite of mine.

I hope that whoever reads this has an exciting spring, here’s to new beginnings.




Honestly, where did the year go?? The Holiday’s are here and in full swing!

For me this year has been a crazy year with up and downs, good and bad things but cest la vie right? I’m excited about what is to come and to see the new things make way.

With this outfit I paired a black turtleneck with classic high waist blue jeans and riding boots. The turtleneck will always be a go to winter item for me, in my opinion they’re usually the right amount of warm :).  With the end of the year coming I just want to say thank you for checking out my site and looking at my style posts, I hope that you have a happy holiday and a fulfilling new year!

Hellooo! Hope your day is going well!. So, I paired a over sized turtle neck with a high waist mini skirt that I found on AMAZON of all places! It was shipped quick and I receivedthis 4 turtleneck blues  File_000 (9)File_002 (1)it 2 days after ordsmileering 🙂 Amazon is a hit or miss and with this skirt it was a hit!
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