Red Jumpsuit

Back with a jumpsuit, a red tapered jumpsuit in beautiful Nature. ♥️🌹🍒☀️Jumpsuits in general add a bit of fun and are found in various designs and cuts in various eras and avenues of fashion and style. For me there’s an enjoyment in stepping into different style eras and different classics, I like to have that choice. The past few months have been a ride…changes… so these avenues of expression add a bit of joy. ❤️


Red Jumpsuit


Hey! The days of September and the meeting of seasons are here.  So are the meeting of styles. The blazer meets the top, and just as warmth meets cool.

Pics are taken by M King



A Little Spark goes a long way

Hey you! So I’m coming with a new combination and singing snippet. This time with my trusty form fitting overalls with a sheer sparkle top and a beret; this style combination is a mixture of eras, which I feel we are in a mixture of style eras now as a whole.

I tend to like that, the choice to wear whatever cut and combine with another.


a little spark goes a long way


The Breeze is Alright

Hey, hello you! March has begun and I wanted to incorporate some colors into my view. I paired deep red high waist flare pants, with a simple crop, and a cropped blazer. Since I was inside taking these, I was not wearing shoes, but I’d (probably) pair some ankle boots with, and/or small heels. The Fabric was a fun addition and 10/10 would do it again. 🙂