Hey! January stars are shining bright with all of the cold nights, so I decided to incorporate the stars in these photos.

I am wearing a black and white blazer that I thrifted, a white long sleeve crop top, olive pant with black ankle boots.  The star fabric I found for almost nothing was really a cool addition to the whole set, I was able to try different lighting and color styles to really make the stars come to life.

Photos By St’fen Anderson

Edits by me 🙂

Hey you!

Fall is here in Georgia and I’m loving the weather and the clothes that go along with it.

With this outfit I paired a backwards cabby hat with my overall jumpsuit and a red stretch turtleneck… A simple but nice fall fit. I love turtleneck pairings in the cold months but I usually just pair things together in hopes that it’ll mach my outfit vision. I think style should be what you feel on a given day and not so thought out, style is relative and you should be happy in what you decide to wear.

I hope you enjoy this post and wear whatever you feel good in!


P.S there is a video of me singing a song I wrote with this outfit. I hope you Enjoy that too 😉





I found this ball gown at a local boutique. I love it because the outer layer is iridescent and it is so big! I paired it with sparkly sliver pumps which you can’t see over the dress (my bad),  and a sparkly flower crown.

Helloo!! I am back with a glitter maxie dress. IMG_3192 I love glitter or pops of glitter. They always add a spark to your look. 🙂
stripe 4