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So I did two different outfits for this set. One with a lounge wear kind of feel, and one with a gown, groovy kind of feel.

The gown is a long, white, maxi gown which my mom gave me years ago. I kinda just found it in my closet recently.

I wanted to create some groovy light projections with this look and it was so fun to shoot! Kudos to my photographer St’fen Anderson.

Also, I now have amazon prime so I’ve been on amazon more frequently and let me tell you I’ve been missing out! There is some great finds on that website. I found this choker on amazon! I was amazed at how pretty it was when I received it! 🙂
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Express yourself, strike a pose, add some flavor, work those clothes! 🙂

Technically, fall is here and I’ve been wanted to wear a cute turtleneck that wasn’t too heavy so I pulled out this thin stripped turtle neck. The turtle neck is thrifted. I styled it with some basic black high-waist jeans, with black pumps and a green maxi vest. The vest is actually thrifted as well! Never forget! The thrift store has many gems that are just waiting to be found. I have had this cute bow-tie necklace for a long time I purchased it years ago from forever 21.

Thank you for checking out my personal style! Enjoy



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Shimmy that thang girl!

So I wanted to do an updated look in this gold sequin dress from shoptobi. I feel so dramatic and queenly when I put this on. This dress is definitely a statement piece and it is oh so comfortable to wear, shimmy brings the bling (which i love by the way),  and the little slits on the sides just tops it off for me! This is one of my favorite statement dresses and I’m so glad I purchased it y’all.

The shoes are wrap around pumps from gojane.

Check out my golden pictures below!


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I am loving the fro this week and wanted to wear a retro, flowy, boho look. So I found one of the dresses that I thfrifted. You get some of the best stuff at the thfft store.  Never forget it!


fro boho

fro boho