Were in the 20s in another century but who says you can’t get inspired by the styles of the past. I honestly inspired by every decade of styles; each time had its own flair of style that spoke/speaks of the time and the occurrences that were happening in certain years.

Like for instance, flapper is a style of dress but to be a flapper meant you were showing your contempt for social and political rules at the time. You were choosing to push against the strict rules of clothing, you loved jazz, you danced a lot, and you looked great while doing it.

It always interests me just how linked history and style are, they are both influenced by each other. It’s the feeling, it’s the time, it’s the art, it’s the history, it’s the style all linking together.

So, this is me being a flapper for a day, I must say that with it being 2020, with me rewatching both great gatsby’s recently, and with me watching 1920-1930s Harlem footage of some of the clubs of the time I had to try out the style.

Photos shot by Michael King.



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I am loving the fro this week and wanted to wear a retro, flowy, boho look. So I found one of the dresses that I thfrifted. You get some of the best stuff at the thfft store. Β Never forget it!


fro boho

fro boho

I wanted to do a 70’s retro look. So I paired a mustard colored crop top (forever 21), a blue bondage skirt (thrifted), and knee high boots (urbanog)!

Check out all those stores to snag a fit similar to this one.

Also, I didn’t notice how big my fro had actually gotten! I hope that you can dig it! πŸ˜‰

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can you dig it


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A short clip of “I love the flower girl” look πŸ˜‰

Song- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons- Can’t Take My Eyes Off You


Also I just realized that I hadn’t put the “Blue jean queen” Look Video on here so here it is:)