Hey you! Christiana and I recorded a Lay Lady Lay Cover. Getting in the music feels good in these trying times. Bob Dylan will always hold a place in my heart, first of all, he’s a legend 2ndly, he was the first record I brought at a record store. I love this song because it’s calming and a beautiful one by him. Check out the full cover Via the Youtube video above.


Thanks for watching! ūüôā

So I’ve¬†been writing….I started writing this song when I heard Christiana strumming her guitar. She came up with the riff of the song…Not Bad for a 12 yr old! We got around to recording it, And now we have a song!

Check it out on on the link below!


Hey Yall! I’ve always¬†looked at the whole summer of love era as interesting, It’s was a musical time of change that will always influence me… so many good tunes came from this era. This song somebody to Love By Jefferson Airplane is one of my favorites from that era and I decided to cover it!


Hey! So I decided to sing a cover of one of my favorite classics, Anyone Who Had A Heart by Dionne Warrick. I really like this song¬†because of the feels it gives, the jazzy intertwine, and the beautiful words. If I haven’t mentioned¬†before I also like to sing and like to write lyrics! Check out the full song cover on Youtube link below ūüôā