It’s the time of the seeeason for red dresses and confetti!

With 2019 almost over and 2020 almost here I wanted to post a farewell look to the year. Its been a year of understanding within myself. A lot of inner learning and un-learning, A lot of ups, downs, and in-betweens and a lot of facing them. I learned more and worked more on boundaries and all in all I feel more secure within myself. I’m excited for 2020 and to discover more, I know it’s been said a lot but hahaa I have to say it, – roaring 20s here we come!

So, with this look, I paired a red bodycon dress that was gifted to me with black pumps. I like pairing red and black a lot, to me those colors compliment each other pretty well. I think it has to do with the two colors being so different that they offset and bring out some of the best of each other.

The two cute kitties joined me for a couple of pictures Mini and Snow, they are under my sisters watch, she’s taking care of them until she can find them a nice home. They’re both so cuddly and friendly and they deserve to be happy and loved for the rest of their lives. I’m sure if my cat (Goldie) and Button spent some time getting to know them they’d become cat buddies in the end.

Well, in closing I’d like to say Happy holidays and Happy New Year! May it be a great one.

Red Dress Fun Red Dress Fun Red Dress Fun


Red dress fun

Hiiii. Happy November to you!

Well, here we are in the fall/winter time in the northern hemisphere so time to layer. With this look I paired a black turtle neck with a plaid blazer that I thrifted and threw on a pair of my favorite jeans with my black boots. I threw in the pattern belt to add a little fun to the outfit.

I also wanted to do minimal so I only have on a little powder.

Check out the full look. πŸ™‚

minimalminimal minimal

Hellooo! Hope your day is going well!. So, I paired a over sized turtle neck with a high waist mini skirt that I found on AMAZON of all places! It was shipped quick and I receivedthis 4 turtleneck blues Β File_000 (9)File_002 (1)it 2 days after ordsmileering πŸ™‚ Amazon is a hit or miss and with this skirt it was a hit!
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Express yourself, strike a pose, add some flavor, work those clothes! πŸ™‚

Technically, fall is here and I’ve been wanted to wear a cute turtleneck that wasn’t too heavy so I pulled out this thin stripped turtle neck. The turtle neck is thrifted. I styled it with some basic black high-waist jeans, with black pumps and a green maxi vest. The vest is actually thrifted as well! Never forget! The thrift store has many gems that are just waiting to be found. I have had this cute bow-tie necklace for a long timeΒ I purchased it years ago from forever 21.

Thank you for checking out my personal style! Enjoy



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