September, one of the months that can signify the subtle beginning of change. Those days of September <3




Red Jumpsuit

Back with a jumpsuit, a red tapered jumpsuit in beautiful Nature. ♥️🌹🍒☀️Jumpsuits in general add a bit of fun and are found in various designs and cuts in various eras and avenues of fashion and style. For me there’s an enjoyment in stepping into different style eras and different classics, I like to have that choice. The past few months have been a ride…changes… so these avenues of expression add a bit of joy. ❤️


Red Jumpsuit

Red Veil

Fun with a red Veil paired with an essential dress.

Side note- Some people will always try to define you and tell you who you are.

At times it’s harder than others, but what seems like one of the essentials to cultivate for instances like this is to engage in healthy ways to connect and ground with the true essence of you and some of the true essence of the Creator/Most High. In those quiet times of reflection, relaxation, and realization it’s possible to explore the connection. And then later, keep those times of connection and exploration close to your heart & mind when the definition is wrong; and even in the times when things are going right.

Some aspects of life can be like roller coasters, sometimes easier, sometimes tougher. Different things work for different people, & it’s a learning process…a journey but a piece of wholeness…balance….can be found and cultivated within 💗 plus hopefully some more good times in the mix…more genuine love 💋

Photos by: Mic King

red veil

A Union of Cosmic Dimensions

All the lights in blue
but what’s to come when you also choose to remember, see, believe, & nurture that innermost spark, the soul, through it all?
Are some aspects a reflection?

Pics are taken by: Mic King and S.Anderson

Happy New year!