The Start of Beyond The Same Style :)

Hey y’all! This week I have someone new to introduce to you! My cousin Erica,


She is into style and fashion as well and she designs clothes! Her designs are so unique and next level. So, we recently collaborated and then decided that we wanted to start a joint style blog! We decided on a new name “Beyond the same”.  This is the start of a wonderful style union and I am so excited that we get to finally bring this to life! Be on the lookout for BEYOND THE SAME posts and show us love!

Here’s the link to our facebook page 🙂

So this week we shot some inside shots with my blue backdrop, my outfit consisted of a caged bodysuit with highwaist blue jeans. Erica’s outfit was a sheer, bell sleeved, lace top with some nice distressed black jeans! 🙂 We hope that you like our fits and comment on our look this week.









beyond the same style

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Mini Blue

With this look I am wearing a blue strappy crop top and a wild pattern mini. With this mini I had no choice but to throw some vibrant colors along with it, It’s such a fun mini skirt & it was love at first sight haha. I found this mini while I was *thrifing* *surprise*** Surprise** ;). I was on a roll that day because I also picked up some other gems at the thrift shop that I will display soon!  Now, the blue strappy crop top is from good ole Forever 21. I love ordering essentials from them, they have, what seems like, and unlimited amount of crop tops to go with all your outfits.

To finish out the outfit the shoes are basic grey pumps.



blue mini

IMG_9632-2IMG_4442 (1)