Happy 2020!

Happy New Year y’all! May it surround you with what you need and may your flame burn bright this year!
I know that any day is a good day to ignite newness but this day signifies a new year in so many minds. One intention that I am incorporating more into my life is trusting in the plan more through the next 365 days. (or 366 if 2020 is a leap year 🥳)

By trusting in the plan, I mean trusting the flow of things and releasing the need to know almost every aspect. When the flame in my shot burns, it moves and dances with the flow around it ya know?

Flow is a necessary thing, even in structure, purpose, when taking/working towards a direction that calls you in life, when planning, when creating, and delivering. It ultimately helps you to adapt and get in the zone. When I’m in the zone I’m not paying attention to the extremes, in that moment I’m paying attention to the task at hand.

This means taking actions and working with the flow, not against it. Yep, it can be distressing when you don’t know certain aspects when taking the action and that’s okay. I understand it’s the nature of life and there is natural order and purpose within it. Even if there are unperceived pitfalls, we all have them. And though they may be trying/not fun whatsoever, at the end of the day after feeling my feels, acknowledging my feels, and working through my feels… I understand that you should trust in the flow of your process while moving through it. Yeah, it’s easier said than done I know, but in this place we’re human beings, not all knowing beings.

So in this new year trust and flow are some keywords for me. I’m excited for what’s to come. Hellooo 2020! ❤️ Happy 2020