September, one of the months that can signify the subtle beginning of change. Those days of September <3




Red Jumpsuit

Back with a jumpsuit, a red tapered jumpsuit in beautiful Nature. ♥️🌹🍒☀️Jumpsuits in general add a bit of fun and are found in various designs and cuts in various eras and avenues of fashion and style. For me there’s an enjoyment in stepping into different style eras and different classics, I like to have that choice. The past few months have been a ride…changes… so these avenues of expression add a bit of joy. ❤️


Red Jumpsuit

A Spark

a spark

Classic pairings

I wanted to dip into the classic side with this set but also wanted a modern flair. I paired the Nastygal contrast stitch blazer with a white top and a mini skirt. To add a pop of color i added my paper bag, which is a bag I made out of paper.

Pictures taken by Mic King


classic paiclassic pairings