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Q&A with Christiana and Dey!

My niece (Christiana and I) recorded a Q&A. Christiana is 10 yrs old and outtta control haha(in a good way!) she is a funny, amazing, talented girl! Watch our funny Q&A video! We even have a special guest at the end ;).

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Inked Attire

Inked Attire is a hot Bristol, UK street style/lifestyle brand that infuses the visual dopeness of tattoos with fashion. Their pieces bring a cool new perspective on how style can be expressed and executed in various ways. Inked Attire creates all of their products in house with a talented design team! That right there speaks for itself, you are getting unique fresh material that not everyone has, coming straight from the minds of talented individuals. IA is helping to pave the way for creative greatness with this brand and I am happy to know about it!

Women and Mens clothing are available for the customer to choose from, they also sell hats and jewelry!

Anyone that is looking for something totally stylish, freeing, and clothing guaranteed to make your tattoos look even better, then you’d better check out Inked Attire for your style needs!

Check out their instagram: @inkedattire

Checkout their website: http://www.inked-attire.cominked2inked 4


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Cream Maxi + Y necklace from Brielle Designs

creme da la creme IMG_9007-6IMG_8990-6

Midi dress fever for me. This time I am wearing a creme maxi dress from they have really nice, stylish, timeless dresses and I love to shop there!

I am also sporting a beautiful rose gold necklace from Brielle Designs

Their necklaces are really cool, sexy, casual, and chic! They are all of those adjectives and more because there are so many different options that are available to the customer! You literally find so many treasures on their site!

I am definitely in love with my Y necklace and I see myself wearing it with many different outfits!

IMG_9029cream  IMG_9050


In Style Magazine

My look was featured in @instylemagazine !!! It’s the February issue! When I saw this I instantly had a big smile on my face. This is so cool wow…This is actually the first time I’ve ever been in a magazine of this sort! No matter how small I’m grateful haha It’s in stores now. Hopefully some day I’ll be on the cover! <3

Gives me inspiration to keep going! Cheers to 2016!

in style feb 2016

in styke feb 2016

in style feb 2016