Starting the Harp 🙂


Something called and it was a harp. I’m going to be spending more time with this harp(as I just wanted to start and familiarize myself with/begin the journey of this instrument alongside the continuing of the 🎹). Here is day 1 with some glissando play to start off! With d and g accidentals- Also, variances of the harp are ancient…. some of the earliest known origin history of the harp is pretty interesting, so I thought I’d share some of the early history that I came across.

-Harps were widely used in ancient Mesopotamia.
-Some of these harps were angled harps with 12 to 15 strings and similar to the bowed instruments played in Egypt at about the same time.
-Depictions of the harp survive from Egypt and Mesopotamia from about 3000 BCE.
-In Egypt, bow harps were some of the oldest types of harps used.
-A small carved Cycladic marble seated harp player sculpture was found and it’s from around 2800-2700 BC.

The first video from October 19th (the first day that I got it):


The second video from Nov 6: